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iPC-1800ADH Plusi, your essential tool for security camera installation and maintenance. This versatile device functions as both a Security Camera Tester and an IP Network Camera Tester, specifically designed for Coaxial HD Surveillance Cameras. As a comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Tool for Security Cameras, it's a must-have for Field Technicians working with security equipment.

Compact and lightweight, the PC-1800ADH Plus weighs only 0.32kg (0.7lbs) and boasts dimensions of 126x83x33mm (4.96x3.27x1.3inch). Its portable design makes it easy to carry to any job site.

Equipped with a 4-inch 800x480P high-definition touch screen, this IP Camera and Coaxial HD Camera Tester simplifies operation, ensuring a quick and efficient testing process. With support for a maximum resolution of 12MP for IP cameras and 4K 8MP for coaxial HD cameras, it provides the versatility needed for various security setups.

Additionally, the PC-1800ADH Plus features essential functionalities like POE, WIFI, RJ45TDR, and DC 12V/3A power output, enhancing its capabilities as a Field Technician Security Equipment.

Upgrade your security camera testing experience with the PC-1800ADH Plus – a reliable, cost-effective tool that combines lightweight portability with advanced testing features.

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