About Pomiacam

 Shenzhen AutopVision Technology Co., Ltd., a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in the field of surveillance and testing equipment. Under the brand name "PomiaCam," we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of CCTV testers, Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers (OTDR), and Viber testers.

Product Range:

  • CCTV Testers: Our CCTV testers are designed to ensure the optimal performance of your surveillance systems, providing comprehensive testing and troubleshooting capabilities.

  • OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer): Our OTDR devices offer precise and efficient testing of optical fibers, ensuring the reliability and integrity of your network infrastructure.

Global Purchase Support: We understand the importance of accessibility, which is why our products are readily available for purchase worldwide. You can find our products on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress, ensuring a seamless buying experience for customers globally.

Wholesale and OEM Services: In addition to retail offerings, we provide wholesale services for bulk orders. Our OEM services allow clients to customize products according to their specific requirements, ensuring tailor-made solutions for diverse applications.

Impeccable After-Sales Support: At Shenzhen AutopVision, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated after-sales team is committed to addressing any queries or concerns promptly. We take pride in offering timely and effective solutions to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

International Return and Repair Services: To further enhance customer convenience, we provide local return and repair services in key regions, including the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. This commitment ensures that our customers have access to hassle-free support, even after the purchase.

Choose Shenzhen AutopVision Technology Co., Ltd. for reliable, innovative, and customer-centric solutions. We look forward to serving you with our high-quality products and exceptional services.

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