X7 MOVTADHS CCTV Teste 4K Camera 7inch Touch Screen Test via Mainstream Analog+IP+ AHD+CVI+TVI+SDI 6 in 1 Multifunction CCTV Tester

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This is  X7-MOVTADHS professional IP and HD coaxial security surveillance camera tester. It is an essential tool for field technicians in the field of security cameras. Used for the installation and maintenance of IP network camera and HD CVI TVI AHD SDI camera and CVBS camera.

It is highest level tester of the X7 series,it can support the testing of up to 12MP IP camera, max 8MP HD CVI TVI AHD SDI camera and CVBS cameras. At the same time, it integrates digital multimeter, TDR, optical power meter, red laser source and other functions to deal with more difficult problems in work. Built-in Professional test app, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, POE, cable test, dual-band WiFi, power output, 4K HDMI input&output, RS485 are all available. Using Android system, you can automatically update APP after connecting to the Internet. 

【New version upgrade project】 X7 CCTV tester Add DC24V/2A power output; From single Gigabit Ethernet port to dual Gigabit Ethernet ports; Battery from 5000mAh to 7800mAh; HDMI output from 1080P/60fps to 4K/30fps
【Main support functions】Model: X7-MOVTADHS.CPU:1.8G, RAM:2GB, ROM:16GB, 7 inch IPS touch screen, 1920*1200 resolution. Support Digital Multimeter, Optical power meter, Visual fault locator, TDR cable test, Support H.265, 4K, OVIF, POE, WiFi(2.4G&5G), RS485, Audio in, HDMI I/O(4K), LED lamp, Dual Gigabit Ethernet port.
【Compatible cameras】12MP 4K/H.265/H.264 IP camera test, Coaxial HD camera 8MP TVI CVI AHD SDI camera test, CVBS camera test.Rapid Video Auto view the video, create testing report.
【Support functions】IP Discovery/Quick OVIF/IPC test /RTSP play /Client APK. Hik test tool(pressing just one key to activate Hik camera , Image test, modify the user name, PW and IP parameters). DH test tool (DH camera test, modify the username, PW and IP parameters).Support Coaxial PTZ control. UTC control and call OSD menu. RS485 control, Baud 600-115200bps
【Ancillary parameters】X7 CCTV tester Built-in 7.6V Lithium polymer battery , 7800mAh,Input:DC12V/2A; Output:DC24V/2A, DC12V/3A, DC5V/2A, PoE power output 48V, max power 25.5W.Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese etc. 1 year free warranty. 

X7 series function introduction

X7(Basic version)  : support IP+analog camera test+Video level meter+Cable tracer+UTPcable

test+RJ45 cable TDR test+HDMI in/out

X7-ADH :support IP+analog camera test+AHD+CVI+TVI+Video level meter+Cable tracer+UTP

cable test+RJ45 cable TDR test+HDMI in/out

X7-ADHS :support IP+analog camera test+AHD+CVI+TVI+SDI+Video level meter+Cable tracer+UTP cable test+RJ45 cable TDR test+HDMI in/out
X7-MADHS:support IP+analog camera test+AHD+CVI+TVI+SDI+Video level meter+Cable tracer+UTP cable test+RJ45 cable TDR test+HDMI in/out+DigitalMultimeter

X7-MOVTADHS: support IP+analog camera test+AHD+CVI+TVI+SDI+Digital Multimeter+Optical

power meter+visual fault locater+TDR cable test+Video level meter+Cable tracer+UTP cable

test+RJ45 cable TDR test+HDMI in/out

The tester used for the installation and maintenance of IP network camera and coaxial HD surveillance camera and security system. 7-inch 1920x1200P high-definition touch screen, CPU 1.8GHz 4 core, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM(EMMC), data processing is stronger and the system runs faster. Support max 12MP IP camera, max 4K 8MP coaxial HD camera test; Suppot TDR Cable Test, Digital-Multimeters, Optic Power Meters, Visible laser light source, POE, 2.4/5 GHz WIFI; DC 5V.2A/12V.3A/24V.2A power output; Multiple professional tests are built-in APP, compatible with more than 90% of existing brand cameras. Use it to make your installation process simple and efficient.

IP camera test:Max 12MP 4K H.265/H.264 IP Camera test. IP Discovery/Quick OVIF/RTSP play/Client APK. Rapid Video:Auto view the video, create testing report. Support PoE, WiFi, Hik and DH camera test tool, ovif test tool, network tools etc.

Coaxial HD camera test:Max 4K 8MP TVI/AHD/CVI/SDI camera test, 3840 x 2160P, support coaxial PTZ control & call OSD menu.CVBS camera test & Color bar test:1* BNC input, NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt). PTZ control, RS485 control, Baud 600-115200bps, compatible with more than 30 protocols. Such as PELCO-D/P etc. Support PAL/NTSC color bar test.

AXIS IP cameras test:Install the APP "Axs test tool" suitable for AXIS testing through automatic update before testing.


Digital Multi-meters

  • DC voltage measurement(V): the highest range is 660V, the accuracy is ±(0.3%+4), the resolution is 100mV
  • AC voltage measurement(V): the highest range is 660V, the accuracy is ±(0.8%+6), the resolution is 100mV
  • DC current measurement(A): the highest range 10A, accuracy ±(1%+5), resolution 10mA
  • AC current measurement(A): the highest range is 10A, accuracy is ±(1%+5), resolution is 10mA








X7 MOVTADHS  Product Packing Picture


Upgraded version X7-MOVTADHS IP Camera Tester 7 inch IPS Touch Screen Monitor 6 in1 Camera Test Support DMM TDR OPM VFL CCTV Tester 
X7 CCTV Tester Touch Screen 7inch FULL 4K All-in-one Full Functions Monitor IP CVBS AHD CVI TVI SDI Multifunction CCTV Tester Upgraded version 4K CCTV Camera Tester 7 inch IPS Touch Screen Monitor CCTV Tester with TVI CVI AHD SDI IP Camera Test Support DMM OPM VFL TDR POE WIFI HDMI DC24V Dual network port

7 Inch All in One Retina Display IP Camera Tester Security CCTV Tester Monitor with SDI/TVI/AHD/CVI/Multimeter/TDR/OPM/VFL/POE/WIFI/4K H.265/HDMI in&Out/Firmware Update

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                          X7MOVTADHS      IPC-5200C   IPC-9800MOVTADHS     IPC-1900C         X9MOVTADHS



Screen size and resolution

7 inch touch screen (1920*1200P)

5 inch touch screen (1920*1080P)

7 inch touch screen (1920*1200P)

4 inch touch screen (960*640P)

8 inch touch screen (2048*1536P)

8K 32MP IP Camera Test





12MP IP Camera Test and TVI CVI ADH SDI CVBS 
Camera Test

Not support SDI camera test


Only HDMI input and VGA input


Digital Multi-meter



Optical power meter



TDR breakpoint test (hardware support)